What Prevents You from Losing Weight?

What Prevents You from Losing Weight?

How many times have you asked yourself, why can’t I lose weight? Or, why do I keep gaining weight when I’m eating the way I always have and I exercise regularly?

Now, how many of those times have you sought out professional help to assess your overall lifestyle and create an action plan to feel better in your body and lose weight?  If those numbers don’t match up… why?

If your car wasn’t running the way it’s supposed to, breaking down all the time, dashboard lights are on… wouldn’t you take it in for service asap to a good mechanic who could do a full diagnostic and help you fix the problems?

Why don’t we do this with our bodies? Your body is NOT a rental car.   It’s the only ride you have through this life. So if your body is sending you signals that something is off with your health, like weight gain, low energy, skin problems, digestive issues or inconsistent sleep, it’s time to take your body in for a service visit.

This is where a Certified Health Coach (CHC) can help you.  A CHC takes an integrative approach to your health and wellness, like a mechanic for your body, assessing the whole vehicle then creating a plan for repair!

Where a medical doctor may be best suited to assist you with acute issues, like an illness or bodily injury, a Health Coach, can support you in assessing every aspect of your life that may be impacting your health.  A Health Coach will dive deep into your nutritional choices, daily habits, mindset, stress levels, sleep, your home environment, career, relationships and more.  These are all major factors in your health and your body weight.  These are also factors that a doctor may not have time to review, a nutritionist will primarily focus on food, a trainer can help with physical activity but a health coach looks at the whole picture and creates a plan that is individualized for YOU.

A good coach will support you in behavior change to bring your life and your body into a balanced place to support your overall health.   When your body finds balance, it makes weight loss possible.   If your body, mind and overall life are in an unbalanced state, it can be much more challenging to lose weight.  Many people frustrated with weight gain begin eating in a restrictive way, exercise like crazy, skimp out on sleep, take supplements or products that destroy essential gut microbiome and do very little to rest their body.  All of this creates a perfect storm to elevate stress hormones, programming the body to GAIN weight.  Some areas beyond diet & exercise that need to be considered when trying to find your healthy weight are:

  • mindset
  • daily habits
  • gut microbiome
  • nutrient deficiencies
  • medications
  • hormones
  • detrimental workout regimens
  • emotional eating
  • triggers and challenges
  • sleep disruptors
  • underlying stressors
  • support systems and SO much more

In order to find your healthy weight long-term, it takes a comprehensive approach that is designed for YOUR life to achieve the results you want. It also takes patience.  The process to re-train your mind and your body to find balance will take several months, maybe even a year.  But when done right, your new habits and healthy body weight can last a lifetime.  Any programs that promise a quick-fix rarely garner lasting results.

If you’d like support in modifying your lifestyle to promote a healthy, balanced body and mind, contact me today to set up a FREE 15- minute coaching call.  Email me at  alyssa@alyssabrown.co