Live Well Now.

Uncovering your optimal wellness is a journey of gathering information, learning about your unique needs, and refining your lifestyle over time. Wellness goes far beyond eating healthy and exercising, it’s learning to how to make healthy upgrades to every aspect of your life that can impact overall well being. Because your body and your life are always changing, so should your approach to living well. With a certified health coach, you can learn where to focus your energy to improve your overall health, while finding balance in your life. Connect with me to find out more!

Individual & Group Coaching

I’m available to work with you in person or virtually. I’m able to customize a programs to meet your lifestyle and budget.


I would love for you to check out my videos for tips on eating clean, yoga, fitness & healthy lifestyle. Click here now!

Live Well Now Online Courses

My courses will teach you accessible, evidence-based practices in plant-based nutrition, yoga, stress resilience, sleep improvement and more. Coming this Fall! Join my mailing list to learn more!


Turn your next vacation into a wellness retreat! Bring me along for daily yoga classes and wellness workshops. Customize the experience by choosing the style of yoga, times for classes. Email me Here.

“My biggest struggle has been with food choices and by working with Alyssa I was able to transform the choices that I was making and elevate my health. She is so supportive and free of judgement, and is a wealth of knowledge and knows the science behind true nutrition and health.” – Thomas W., 47.

*Everything that I teach is founded in evidence based research. I apply my years of experience working in the health & wellness field as an educator,
fitness instructor and coach to my work. I don’t sell any products and I am not affiliated with any organization.