The Best Holiday Wellness Gifts!

The Best Holiday Wellness Gifts!

Wondering what you buy your family members and friends this holiday season?  I personally love buying gifts for people that they will actually use and gifts that might even improve their well-being or quality of life. In the spirit of the holidays AND improving the health and happiness of those around me, I put together my top health and wellness inspired holiday gift picks for 2017!  Browse the list below and get some holiday shopping done in less than 10 minutes.


Deep Tissue Foam Roller $18.99

 This foam roller is not the faint of heart. It’s an INTENSE experience, but if you love to break into stuck muscle, or have a partner who is constantly asking you for “more pressure” get this!  WARNING: deep breaths are required while using this tool and you may shout out several profanities.



Hydroflask $32.99

This is by far my favorite water bottle of all the brands I’ve tried. It keeps cold liquids cold and hot liquids hot for over 24 hours.  Bring this flask with you to keep your water icy cold during hot yoga classes or fill it with warm tea during the chilly winter months.  It’s super durable and it has some texture on the surface so it doesn’t slip when trying to grip it.  This particular size fits in your car drink holder slots and in the side pocket of a backpack!



Aromatherapy Diffuser $17.95

Turn your home into a “zen den” in less than five minutes.  I like diffuser because it’s affordable, super simple and has different light color options depending on your mood or what chakra you might want to ignite!  There are others out there that have a pretty wood grain on the exterior, but they do cost more.  I have this one, I use it almost every night before bed and it’s been going strong for over a year.



Live Well Now Healthy Habits Journal! $13.99

I created this so, obviously I think its great! It’s a super simple tool to help anyone wanting to build better habits around gratitude, hydration, sleep, nutrition, exercise, stress and finding joy in everyday life.  It’s designed to be used for 30 days to get you on track with healthy habits!



Shiatsu Massager $39.95

For half the price of a massage from a human, this little beast is the gift that will keep on giving!  Rest it behind you when on the couch, lay on it, bring it into bed with you… it’s portable and it can hit almost ANY area you want to target. I have one and I use it constantly, it really kneads into your areas of tension.  It’s perfect for sore muscles or to de-stress after a long day. Plus, it’s heated too.



Gym Bag Organizer Set $13.49

Ok, so these are technically “travel” cubes to organize luggage (which you can use them for that too), but I use them to organize my gym bag.  This set comes with nylon zip up bags for sweaty clothes, shoes, socks, headphones, armband and whatever else you bring with you! This set is super cheap but works well!



Vitamix Blender $259

Ok, so this one is a pricey pick, but there is no kitchen appliance I love more than a Vitamix.  If you’ve got the funds to splurge on a loved one, this will not disappoint.   I make a green smoothie most days, so this workhorse is essential in my kitchen. There is a world of difference between a well-blended smoothie and a clumpy mess.  Beyond smoothies, homemade soups, dressings and sauces are a breeze in this blender.




Salt Rock Lamp $17.99

Switching to ambient light after 8pm is proven to improve sleep quality. With this sultry and health-boosting salt lamp, you can turn the lights down low and ease into bedtime mode.



Ceremonial Grade Matcha $26

Matcha is PACKED with antioxidants. This particular brand is strong and delicious. For any matcha-loving health nut, they will be grateful for this high-quality stocking stuffer.



Local Veggie & Fruit Delivery $30+

Make healthy eating easier for a family member or friend with a gift certificate to a local vegetable and fruit delivery service that is sourced from local farms. Here in San Diego I’d suggest Farm Fresh to You!


Donate on Someone’s Behalf 

What do you get the person who has everything? Perspective perhaps, on the fact that they have everything. Give your “well-to-do” friends a donation to a charity on their behalf and share information on what the donation money does for that organization.


Tickets to an Upcoming Show or Concert 

If your loved one’s love language is quality time, and they prefer an experience over a physical item, then research upcoming shows or concerts in your area and make a date out of it!  Laughter and music are both shown to improve health and happiness.


Ok, those are my ideas, please SHARE this post with anyone who needs some gifting inspiration.  Happy Holidays and Namaste.