Uncover Your Wellness Path – Next Program Starts Oct. 16!

Uncover Your Wellness Path – Next Program Starts Oct. 16!

Invest in your health this Fall. Get $50 OFF by enrolling before Sept 30th and $100 OFF if you enroll with a friend!

What you learn in this program:

  • How to assess all aspects of your life that contribute to health
  • Plant-based nutrition for optimizing health and finding your ideal weight
  • How to improve and balance energy levels naturally
  • How to overcome emotional or mindless eating
  • Stress resilience techniques
  • Using mindful movement for health and happiness
  • Ways to improve sleep quality and quantity
  • How to Eat for YOUR unique body
  • Ways to use short-term goal setting to obtain long-term results

What you get from this program:

  • A weekly online lesson that you watch at a time convenient for you
  • A private weekly 1-1 session with ME to discuss challenges and create actionable goals
  • A professional assessment of how to make lasting changes to your habits
  • Healthy decision-making tools
  • Weekly accountability, support, and motivation
  • A customized plan to build healthy habits for your unique lifestyle and needs
  • A sustainable approach to behavior change

Everything taught in this program is based in RESEARCH and SCIENCE, not fads or trends!  This program will focus on YOU and give you customized tools for you to reach your health goals.  The time commitment is about 3 hours each week of the program, but the results will last a lifetime.

This program will change the way you look at your health and your habits.  If you are ready to dive deep into changing your life and your health for the better, enroll today!  If you have friend or family member in mind that you want to join with, DO IT!  It easier to make healthy changes with support and you each get $100 OFF the program!

Email me if you are interested at alyssa@alyssabrown.co

Check out the program flyer for more details: