Easy Everyday Meditations

Easy Everyday Meditations

For years, I tried to adopt a regular meditation practice and failed. I had unrealistic expectations around what I wanted my practice to look like. Wake up early, get into a quiet and comfortable place without distractions. Before doing anything else in the day, light a candle or turn the essential oils diffuser on, stretch a bit before to release the aches in my hips, back and knees and sit quietly and meditate for 20 minutes. I’d put in a good run of a few days, then fall off. I might even make it through a 21-day guided meditation series with Deepak before falling off the wagon again. This was my pattern.

Here’s what I’ve come to realize, for me, for meditation to be a part of my daily life, I have to get it in whenever I can. I had to let go my vision of a perfectly calm morning and a consistent routine that involved a daily, early morning practice. I had to get real about it. I had to forego the pursuit of perfection in my meditation journey.

Sometimes I do meditate first thing in the morning, or it could be a mid-day break while at my laptop, sometimes it’s in the car when I arrive early somewhere, while I’m pumping gas, when I’m out for a walk or before I sleep at night. Often times I sit on my yoga mat before or at the end of practice, with the sounds of other yogis bustling around me and work in ten minutes of stillness. There are days when I can meditate for twenty minutes and days that its just two. All of those moments matter and the cumulative effect of those practices or attempts help me to stay clear in my life.

If you are new to meditation, here are four meditations from my book Yoga for Joint Health These are 5 minutes guided experiences that you can use to set up a meditation practice and then remain still for as long as your little heart desires! I hope you enjoy them! Click the links below and the YouTube videos with audio with pop up.