How to Choose a Health Coach!

How to Choose a Health Coach!


If you scroll through your social media feed or do a quick search online, it may seem like there are A LOT of coaches out there. But… not all coaches are created equal.  So, how do you choose the right coach for you?

I put together six things that I would look for if you are considering hiring a health and wellness coach

1.They are credentialed

A Certified Health Coach went to school for for an extensive period of time to become a Certified Coach. They are professionally trained and know how to study different personality profiles, to create customized program for different personality types.  Certified Coaches are educated in a broad range of nutritional theories so they can meet you where you are at in your wellness journey.  They can offer you a wide range of solutions or strategies to align with their life and body.  And what is so, SO important is that all of their recommendations and tools are founded in evidence-based, peer-reviewed research, rather than a fad diet that one single study (that may be biased) says works!

2.They look at your whole lifestyle

Rather than just focusing solely nutrition or exercise, like a nutritionist or a personal trainer may do, they will help you to assess and develop strategies to improve other areas of your life, such as stress, sleep, relationships, habit building and also the role that your home, work, socio-economic status, and relationships play in your health.  A certified coach will not offer you a one size fits all program, or try to employ what works for them on you, but rather will design a nutrition, movement, stress, sleep and behavior change plan that is as unique as YOU are.

A certified coach will not offer you one-size fits all program, or try to employ what works for them on you, but rather will design a nutrition, movement, stress, sleep and behavior change plan that is as unique as YOU are.  If they take this approach, they will be well connected to others in their community who can assist you in improving your health, beyond their skill set, such as medical specialists, chiropractors, fitness instructors and other healers.

3. They walk the walk themselves.

A good Health Coach will not only have knowledge in all areas of health and wellness, but they practice it themselves. They should self-aware on how these aspects play a role in their health and they should be constantly committed to their own wellness and healing journey, just as they will be asking you to do.

4. They don’t show progress pics (their own or other peoples)

Someone else’s progress has NOTHING to do with your body, your health and what YOUR experience with a coach will be.   It’s great if someone wants to celebrate their own improvement on social media, great, but in my opinion, it should not be a marketing tactic that any coach who encourages empowerment utilizes.You want a coach who is fully focused on you, educating you how to live in a way that will improve your HEALTH first and foremost and your quality of life.

Much of the work that will be done with a good coach is focused on your daily behaviors, not the appearance of your body.  Losing weight or toning up may be a side effect of changing your behavior, but when it’s your main focus, it’s harder to make lasting changes and improve your happiness levels.

In my opinion, marketing gimmicks that use camera angles to show “progress” are a red flag, they promote comparison and encourage an expectation that may not be supportive for you in your own journey.

5. They aren’t a salesperson disguised as a coach.

Be wary of anyone selling supplement powders, magic pills, potions, shakes, portion cups, gadgets, or anything of the sort…

If someone is incentivized to sell products or a canned, “one size fits all” program, their focus isn’t on finding the unique solutions for YOU that will help motivate YOU to make lasting behavior change.  Instead, their focus is on selling you products and signing you onto their program or team with the hopes that you’ll bring more people onto the program, which makes them more money.

Now… these programs can help some people get fit, lose weight and maybe some even build wealth, but research shows that for the vast majority of folks involved in this type of system, it DOES NOT create lasting behavior change or true wealth.  I may ruffle a few feathers with those comments, but I know several defectors from these programs and their anecdotes match up with my findings.  These programs promote roller coaster dieting and behavior that’s fixated on external appearance when the “magic sauce” is on the internal work you can do with a coach, that is focused on optimizing your own HEALTH.

6. They are a match for your personality and will meet you where you are at.

If someone is going to guide you in making some real changes in your life and be there to support you along the way, you have to LIKE and TRUST them.  Someone can have all the education in the world but if their personality or approach doesn’t gel with you or motivate you, then its the wrong coach for you.  Find someone who you will look forward to working with each week.

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