Ditch the Resolution, Adopt the “Power Move”

Ditch the Resolution, Adopt the “Power Move”

Most New Year’s resolutions (over 80%) aren’t realized. How depressing right? The New Year is supposed to be a clean slate. A fresh new calendar year full of possibilities to achieve greatness. The magical year where it all finally comes together, things get easier, fall into place and you are “killin it.” Well, that right there is where I think many of us get off on the wrong foot. We have unrealistic expectations that a new year is going to give us some special powers to be more self-motivated with unbreakable willpower that didn’t exist prior to January 1. It’s ridiculous. I am an optimist and I love conjuring up big dreams, but I’m also a realist. So here are my thoughts for actually manifesting some good stuff in 2018.

First, ditch the word resolution. It feels heavy. It feels like work. It implies that something was wrong that now needs to be fixed, or resolved. Let’s implement a new concept, the “Power Move.” This is one simple action that you will focus on all month. This is your POWER MOVE. By focusing solely on this, you build power behind it; you create consistency and increase the likelihood of making it a habit. But it can only be ONE simple thing and you have to be super specific about it, plus realistic about the amount of time you will commit to it. Here are some examples:

– Drink 64 oz. of water, everyday.
– Eat 5 servings of vegetables a day.
– Journal 1 page every morning.
– Spend 10 minutes each morning meditating.
– Read for at least 10 minutes before bed each night.
– Practice yoga for at least 10 minutes every day. (This could be at home or a full-length studio class)
– Walk or run outside for 20 minutes a day.
– Do 5 pull-ups and 10 push-ups a day.
– Call or FaceTime a friend who makes you happy everyday.
– Practice 10 minutes of new hobby, like playing the guitar each day.
– Work 30 minutes a day on your “side hustle” or research project.

Notice how everything on this list is very simple, specific and focused on what TO DO, rather than what NOT TO DO. Often times I hear people set resolutions like no alcohol, no sugar, no meat, no social media, no shopping, no Starbucks, no carbs, no food after 8pm…. etc. When you make a laundry list of all of the bad things you are avoiding, you are essentially shaming yourself for your past choices and putting yourself in a self-constructed prison that never allows you fuck up. It doesn’t come from a place of love, compassion or understanding. It doesn’t take a realistic approach to the human condition, which makes changing habits HARD. It comes from a place of punishment. So instead plan out one simple focused action for the month, your beloved POWER MOVE and as you work toward that, you feel empowered and successful without any shame.

Focus on one part of your life that you are wanting to make a change… your health, relationships, emotional well-being, experiences or career. Plan to laser focus on your POWER MOVE each month in order to cultivate more energy around the change. At the end of each month, choose one simple action to focus on next month. Do this throughout the year and you’ll be pretty stoked come December of 2018!

Here are a few tips to keep you on track.

1. Write down your “Power Move” somewhere visible and create a reminder on a calendar or in your phone to ensure you do it each day.
2. Every few days, map out how you plan to schedule time for your daily “power move.”
3. Treat this activity like an important appointment with yourself that you will not miss (like a doctor’s appointment or a meeting with someone that you wouldn’t flake on).
4. Get a coach, accountability buddy or employ a family member or friend to check in on your progress.
5. Celebrate success each week and acknowledge your hard work!
6. Expect the unexpected and “re-route” when you take a wrong turn! Ok, two things here, first, you are human and second, life happens. Both of these things lead to life not always going as planned. So, when the road of life takes an unexpected turn that may delay your progress, make it only a temporary delay, rather than giving up altogether and get back on the horse!

Believe in yourself, have grit and tenacity toward your vision for your life and what is possible to push through your challenges. Transformation, big dreams, new realities require work to get there but with the right mindset, tools, and support, it’s possible. If you need help shifting your mindset, want the support of a coach to map out a plan for 2018, or want someone to hold you accountable, connect with me today alyssa@alyssabrown.co