5 Reasons to do a Yoga Teacher Training

5 Reasons to do a Yoga Teacher Training

1. You are ready for personal growth and want to challenge yourself.

By participating in any form of adult learning, you are committing to personal growth. To expand as a human being, you have to never stop being curious and broadening your knowledge base. When embarking on yoga teacher training, know that it will be a challenge, you will feel very vulnerable at times, but that is truly stepping into your own courageousness and return on your investment will be generous.

2. You love yoga and would be interested to learn about the history, philosophy, tools, traditions and modern applications of the physical and spiritual practice.

Depending on where you decide to study, some trainings will focus more on certain aspects of yoga than others. Yoga has many facets far beyond the physical practice. When beginning your research into where you’d like to train, choose a training whose modules meet your areas of interest. Also, ensure you take several classes with the trainers prior to the training to ensure that you resonate with their teaching style!

3. You want to develop more self- awareness and would like to foster more mindfulness in your life.

Yoga teacher training will bring you to have a deeper understanding of yourself, areas for growth and ways in which you may lack mindfulness. Self-awareness isn’t always fun to be honest, because you have to take a journey into your ‘dark side’ to obtain tools to live a more mindful life. If you are ready to go there… get yourself enrolled in a training!

4. You want tools to connect to others and contribute more to your community.

As adults, we carry wounds from our past that can get in the way of us fully opening up and connecting with others. When you join a yoga teacher training, you embark on an intensive journey with roughly 10-15 other people who are also wanting to experience a more spiritually rich life. There are always nerves present at the start of any training, but I find they quickly disseminate upon introductions and when participants share “why they are here” because everyone quickly realizes they are in a room with a group of kind, loving, interesting and open people.

5. You want to shake up your life!

If you are feeling stuck or stagnant in life, consider yoga teacher training. It will unearth parts of you that were previously unknown, it will make you look at your life and possibly the world through a new lens and it will give you tools to navigate this life more smoothly.

You DO NOT need to be flexible, physically gifted or comfortable with public speaking to do yoga teacher training. You DO need to have an open mind, a compassionate heart, a strong sense of humility and a willingness to learn. If you would like to join my next training, email me and I can get you information!